Monday, 23 December 2013

Advent. Welcome.

In the gathering of Your people
there were many friends.
Familiar faces
sprinkled around
the building we call church.

After hearing of your gift of love
and singing songs to welcome You
my heart rejoiced,
connecting with
dearly loved companions.

In the gathering of Your church
there were many strangers.
Friends I did not know.
Between conversations,
I stopped to talk.

In these random, unplanned, link-ups
I met searching hearts.
Feet, unknowing
had brought them here
to hear Your good news.

In the gathering of Your followers
I searched for old friends,
but found myself
stretched out to meet
new acquaintances.

I have a simple prayer.
That those who do not know
the joy of being
loved by You
knew Love last night.

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