Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Christmas. Fifth day. A word for 2014: joy!

I am wondering if my word for this year should be joy, in the hope that I will experience it more this year. 
Michelle LaChapell had written an interesting post: she says

"all of us long to be the apple in someone’s eye, or experience moments of consolation after long desolate journeys. We were actually made to crave it and be nourished by it - by JOY. That is what gives us the strength to journey on and live the life we were made to live. It’s what helps life make sense. And, while joy is built through relationship with others, it is ultimately built through our relationship with God. Joy grows between us and God through shared moments. It happens as we set our eyes on him and find his smile. Over time we develop an ongoing sense of well-being learned through the goodness of God."

Mary had that Joy. Would
that have been her baby's name
had the child been born a girl?
As Jesus grew, did she gain joy
through every precious shared moment?

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