Sunday, 15 December 2013

Advent. Darkness

In the darkness
of the late afternoon
a heavy sadness
comes upon my soul.

This Advent is a lonely time.

Loved ones so far:
my heart longs to see them.
I am so burdened
by this sense of distance.

This Advent, I long for peace.

Mary, without
mother, sisters or friends
waited all alone
for the coming babe.

This Advent is a waiting game.

In the darkness
of the late afternoon
I give Him my pain
and look up with thanks.

This Advent will be a joyful time.

I keep my eyes
fixed hopefully on Him
who is my Saviour
in these troubled days.

This Advent, I choose to praise.

Louie speaks of waiting.  Lisa writes so beautifully of waiting in the dark:

There is a time
in that long last hour
we begin to believe
it will always
be night

In the spreading pool of dark
there is a silence
so profound
it carries

And cold?
It fills us

Immobilized by
this invading
lack of

We are numb

Speak to the night
my heart

Speak to the night
a word of hope

This bitter blackness
This copious and
convincing cold

Will not
Shall not

Hold on
to this


-lisa, 15 December, 2013

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