Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Being thankful...

Reading a blog post on Thankfulness by Angela at Good Morning Girls.

She says: "I know life can be hard. Times are tough for so many. Uncertainty and fears grip our hearts and still our joy. But even in the midst of hard times, I believe we can always find something good in our lives to be thankful for. Sometimes, many times, thankfulness is a choice. Sometimes it’s even a fight…but a fight worth having."

Colossians 3:15 says:...and be thankful. I've not found it easy to be thankful today. I have cried out in desperation to the Lord: not for myself, but for someone dear to me. I have felt despair, depressed, downhearted, desperate, disheartened. I prayed for courage, encouragement, wholeness, healing...for Jesus' presence.

Nothing changed.

 But I know my attitude can change. I know I should be thankful. And the only way to be thankful is to BE.THANKFUL. Not to mourn over what could be, should be, was to be, isn't to be... But to BE.THANKFUL.

I'm thankful for breath. and smiles.
time to listen a while
to praise and prayer,
have something to share.

I'm thankful for life and health
and such an amount of wealth
of friends and money
and people who love me.

I'm thankful for work,
not wanting to shirk,
and just enough strength
to meet the day's length.


Stop press for a P.S.  By the end of the day things HAD changed. There WAS more hope. More purpose. More encouragement. More sense of God's leading and love and care. THANKFUL!