Sunday, 8 December 2013

Advent. Family

This season, this season
of expectation,
so many look forward to family reunions.

My heart saddens. I do not have
these wildly wonderful extended families
beloved by many.

And while I thank Jesus
for my own little family
which I love to talk of

I know that for so many others
there IS no family. Brothers,
sisters, parents are far-flung – or not even there.

So why do we talk so much of FAMILY
when Mary was alone, shunned,
disgraced by the news of unwed pregnancy?

No relatives took her in.
We do not hear of visits, except from strangers.
Not for her the cosiness of a warm, welcoming home.

Let us be sensitive. This is a joyous season
for this only one reason: HE comes.
Our saviour, our rescuer, our friend, our brother.

THIS is the cause of our celebration.

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