Friday, 6 December 2013

Advent. Satisfaction.

The end of this day
full of action, laughter,
brought ponderings and a deep, deep sense of peace.

In my class,
questions of faith
became generated
by those who have little understanding of what is true and holy.

Minds were prompted
to consider
possibilities far beyond
this present world of eating, drinking and making merry.

Preparing to bring
good news to these children
I think of Christmas things.
Carols, candlelight, Christ in rags and baby scent.

My mind and heart
are filled with a desire to serve.
At close of day it is a joy
to bring a little help to one of ours who has little.

Being together,
working in weariness,
offering strength of arms and time,
brings us, a band of brothers,  great joy. And smiles.

At the close of this week
the beginning of Advent
there is a sense
of completion and satisfaction. Peace.

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