Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I want to be a goat, not a sheep!

I'm STILL thinking about sheep. More specifically, about goats. I want to be a goat.

Goats are intelligent. They can work out an escape route if they become trapped. They are curious, and don't give up until they have explored all the options available to them. They exploit opportunities.

Goats are well coordinated (for cloven hoofed creatures, that is). They can climb - fences, trees... They can be trained to be useful. They are useful just for what they can provide - milk, meat, warm clothing.

Another point in the favour of goats is that there are many different breeds of goat, as there are sheep. But none of them are called 'fat-tailed'.

I'd rather be a goat (except from the point of view of being 'useful', that is. I'd rather be valued than useful, thank you very much).

But if I'm a goat, I will tend to be stubborn; independent; reliant on my own capabilities. None of these attributes will tend to encourage me to rely on an all-powerful, limitless God. So, I suppose it is better to be a sheep and to know that God will rescue me, care for me and stay with me for ever.

Yes, being a sheep is definitely better.

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