Thursday, 23 February 2012


I started this blog during Lent. I pledged to jot down an daily reflection which I emailed to a couple of friends, to hold me accountable. Then I found I LIKED doing it, wanted to reread what I had discovered about God, and Jesus, and living a going-towards-holy-while-still-set-apart life.

I started reading the blogs of others also living  g oing-towards-holy-while-still-set-apart lives and discovered Bonnie at Faith Barista. I love her writing. She has a weekly 'challenge' to reflect on a particular aspect of the Christian life.

This week was to share how I visualise Jesus. I really didn't know what I could write - my visual imagination is very limited. I've never been an artist, rubbish at drawing, can't even decorate my home tastefully. Words and actions do it for me. I decided I didn't have anything to offer this particular week - sorry, Bonnie.

 But what inspired me this morning was a blogpost from We Are That Family about a girl called Charity. A reminder that we all need charity: we all need to experience Jesus - his charity, aka LOVE:
"I am broken. I am angry. I am orphaned, needing to be adopted by God. God used Charity’s pain to heal a part of me. “Jesus brings about my own healing by bringing me into someone else’s.” -Kisses from Katy"

It's Lent again. A time particularly for charity.
This year, I've given myself a tall challenge. No sweets: biscuits, chocolate, cake, dessert - except on weekly feast days. (Very Anglican/Catholic.) I need to lose a little weight, so this is not just a spiritual goal. No reading fiction, either. Definitely a spiritual goal, because reading is my favourite of all things to do - even better than a cappuchino. And I've signed up for 40Acts - do Lent generously, an Anglican initiative which emails me every day with a different suggestion. Yesterday it was to cross a social divide of some kind - initiate a contact with someone I wouldn't normally connect with. Today it is to share my skills.

This is so inspiring that I'm going to have to keep notes and connections on this blog once again...(though should probably begin pinterest...!)

So, by rising to a challenge as well as practising self-denial, I can begin to live more of a Jesus life: to know His love by opening myself up to his healing. Yes, practising acts of kindness is always a good thing - but can be empty deeds if I do not also admit my own neediness.
A humbling thought, but by involving myself in this way I know I will be able to visualise Jesus more easily.
Through others.


  1. Yes, we must never give up charity! Beautifully written.

    OOps, I just sent a complaint to Google help desk about these words to prove not a robot. They are so blurred it is a guess to get them right. I will never request my readers to do this! Sad that readers are discouraged from leaving comments after three tries!

  2. I like the idea of Lent-giving something up as a sacrifice to Jesus. I did not grow up doing this and am intrigued now by the idea and how to go about it.
    Very good ideas.