Wednesday, 18 January 2012

To be chosen...and receive a gift

Studying Ephesians 1:4 I came across this lovely Gospel song:

The phrase: 'It's a mighty good thing to be chosen by God' is what caught my attention, in the context of being eternally chosen to be loved members of God's family - yet the song hints at chosen in other ways too:
It's a mighty good thing, to be chosen by God
It's a mighty good thing, to be chosen to serve
So don't ever complain, when He calls your name
The job might seem hard, but you'll get a special reward
When you're chosen by God

Yes, chosen!
Then Rose found this:

You might be the wife, 
Waiting up at night
You might be the man, 
Struggling to provide
Feeling like it's hopeless 

Maybe you're the son, 
Who chose a broken road
Maybe you're the girl, 
Thinking you'll end up alone
Praying God can you hear me?
Oh God are you listening?

Am I more than flesh and bone?
Am I really something beautiful?
Yeah, I wanna believe, I wanna believe that
I'm not just some wandering soul
That you don't see and you don't know
Yeah I wanna believe, Jesus help me believe that I 
Am someone worth dying for 

I know you've heard the truth that God has set you free
But you think you're the one that grace could never reach
So you just keep asking, what everybody's asking
You're worth it, you can't earn it
Yeah the Cross has proven 
That you're sacred and blameless
Your life has purpose 

You are more than flesh and bone
Can't you see you're something beautiful
Yeah you gotta believe, you gotta believe
He wants you to see, He wants you to see
That you're not just some wandering soul
That can't be seen and can't be known
Yeah you gotta believe, you gotta believe that you 
Are someone worth dying for

You're someone worth dying for 
You're someone worth dying for

And then I found the words of this old Shaker hymn popped into my head:
'Tis a gift to be simple,
'Tis a gift to be free.
'Tis a gift to go where you ought to be.
And when you go to the place just right.
You'll be in the valley of love and delight.
Beautiful words. A variety of musical styles. The infinity of God's creativity.

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