Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Thoughts hang out together...

Starting the Good Morning Girls study on Ephesians is interesting.
Interesting because what I thought would be easy is difficult.
Interesting because what I thought would be short is long.
Interesting because what I thought would be simple is complex
Interesting because what I thought would be straightforward has twists and turns.
Interesting because what I thought would be concentrated is diffuse.
Interesting because what I thought would be individual is community.

So what do I mean?
I thought just reading a few verses each day would be easy, short, simple and straightforward. It IS all of those things, but it is also difficult, long, complex and full of unseen diversions.
Why have I never realised how RICH in meaning this book is? I've always enjoyed it, gained great wisdom and strength from: a friend of mine has even memorised the whole book.  But it has somehow all been so familiar that I have taken it for granted.

It is difficult to satisfy myself that I have understood what I have read. I reach a level of understanding, but then find myself with another question, and dig deeper. Then other questions arrive before I have even answered the first one...

It is difficult to find simple answers.

It is difficult sometimes to find enough time. This is no short, tick-the-box quickly study.  (Even now, before work, I find myself compelled to write this reflection as a direct result of this morning's study.)

It is difficult to just stick to the verses and read only those. The cross-references scream for my attention. Then THEIR cross-references demand to be examined. And so on and so forth.

It is difficult to stay focused just on the few verses in front of me, keeping the meaning in mind without getting sidetracked.

Yet some things are easy.

It is easy to find joy in the words of love and life, revelation and rejoicing.
It is easy to gain a wider insight when my daily devotional reading chimes in with what I am studying in Ephesians.  Just yesterday, when Luke 2:49 reminded me that if Jesus has to be in His Father's house, I realised that if I am blessed in Christ I am also in His Father's house, involved with him in his father's business...My study is concentrated on a few verses but it is also wonderfully diffuse.
And it is easy to maintain the discipline when I know that so many friends, near and far, known and unknown, are also studying with me, diligently jotting down their thoughts which they might share with me...It is easy when I look forward so eagerly to reading what they too have gained from this study.

What fun!

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  1. I had many of the same thoughts before starting this study...and I, too, have read this book countless of times...and yet I never had taken the time to look at it bit by bit. Incredibly rich! Looking forward to your insights as we all continue with this study!