Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I read quite a few blogs, when I have time. Mainly Christian ones, and mainly those written by women. Not by any deliberate choice, it's just that I've discovered a few of them through blog referrals (actually, how else would I discover blogs? I certainly don't have time to sit and trawl blogger or wordpress for interesting blogs to read. Usually.)

Anyway, there is a great reflection by Renee Swope on longing for friendship. On how often she checks emails to see if her friends have written, and on how little time she has spent recently on maintaining friendships.

I identify with that.  I love meeting with friends: it is, literally, meat and bread to me.
I'm energized - not least, when I know they are coming round, to have a quick catch-up on the house cleaning. I'm not super-houseproud, but that's another story. Suffice to say, that a quick catch-up is all my house can hope for at the best of times.
I'm energized if I'm going out to meet them - I whizz through the chores. 
And I'm energized by being with them, spurred on to 'good works' or to pursuing some interest I had let lapse, or discovering something new to get excited about. This week I've delved into history, exercised more and caught up on school work, all on the back of one conversation. Can't be bad.

Though I spent time with very close friends all weekend, invited colleagues round for coffee and cake on Monday, spent quality time with my best friend (who is also my husband) on Tuesday and have invited friends from our Bible study home group to supper on Thursday, I still crave to connect.  So I've been challenged by Renee. Challenged to REconnect with a friend whose friendship seems to have lapsed.

I'll send that email. Right now.

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