Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bible excitement!

Now, this is just so exciting that I'm going to post this over on Mama's as well.  I have just stumbled across a tremendous Bible reference site - thanks, Bonnie!  It has parallel translations, cross-references, the context, chain references, commentaries and many different translations such as Bible Gateway has. It has all kinds of other study aids too which I can't even begin to understand!  Interesting that there are different web addresses - I've added them all on here. The author of the sites has many other useful references as well.

And here are more sites: Bible study for children, free online Bible study courses, Bible research...And then there is the largest online Bible study, apparently!

Here are two other Bible reference sites: OpenBible and Blue Letter Bible.

I'm always a little bit careful about what I read on the internet - testing the spirits, and all that - but this does seem to be OK. It looks SOOO exciting! I feel God is just asking me to love him more and more: to do that not just by seeing him in people and circumstances in my everyday life, but by hearing what he says to me by reading his words. I've been reading the Bible just straight the way through, but know I need to stop sometimes and dive deeper, or consider particular themes or topics as they crop up.  These resources referenced above should now be easy to find and a great help along the way.  Can I use any other word but exciting? Inspiring, exhilarating and mind-blowing will do for a start!

(Do I want to go back to work after Easter?  There just isn't enough time to do everything!)


  1. You make me excited for you! Thank you for sharing all these resources with us.

  2. I love your excitement over the Bible. Joy can be found in the little discoveries made, a new bit of brain candy that you didn't know about God...

  3. Bonnie Gray over at Faith Barista posted this comment here, which I am reposting as I managed to delete it by accident and Blogger won't let me get it back!

    "I'm so glad to "jam" with you, Mama Mpira! So glad to have your voice in the faith jam. And yes, it is an awesome site and very easy to use. Great to meet another Bible "digggin" friend! :) Blessings!"

    Thanks for all this, Bonnie!