Monday, 22 May 2017

Whispers of Rest - wonderful new book by Bonnie Gray

I first came across Bonnie Gray when she started blogging as Faith Barista; I joined in with her 'one word' writing prompts. I loved her coffee analogies: getting a 'refill' of faith; Beloved BrewsBible EspressoCoffee Break For Your Soul PodcastDecaf PleaseEveryday Faith BrewsSoul Mocha Videos ......

Then she wrote a book: Finding Spiritual Whitespace. I was privileged to join the pre-launch team, and so eagerly joined in again when I discovered she was bringing out another: Whispers of Rest.

Bonnie says: "Everywhere I go, women line up during book signing to ask this one thing: But, how can I get practical about rest when I go back home? How can I take better care of myself and feel close to God everyday?
Today, I am so happy to share the top 40 ways that has helped me to become God's beloved with you in my new book Whispers of Rest: 40 Days of God’s Love to Revitalize Your Soul
As women who pour out to love others – with checklists to do, meals to cook, emails & deadlines queued up, let's prioritize our well-being with God's love and rest!
“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden
and I will give you rest.” Matt 11:28"  
I have been taking part in a 21 day challenge, where Bonnie has given words of encouragement to focus on: pause; listen; breathe; rest.....The book Whispers of Rest offers similar ideas, one a day for 40 days.

40 days is such a wonderful, Biblical period of time. Jesus's 40 days in the desert is the first which springs to mind, echoed in 40 days of Lent; I've taken part enthusiastically in 40Acts, 40 days of acts of kindness and generosity throughout Lent.

Of course, I try to do 40Acts all year long: it's not just for Christmas Lent. Similarly, Whispers of Rest is not necessarily just for 40 days, but a book to dip into, a page to linger on a while.  It will, I think, take me a while to learn to just breathe.... or rest....just listen... pause and see...

Bonnie's book is sensibly organised into six different sections, all focused, really, on realising who we are: Beloved.

Each chapter contains a personal reflection; directed Bible study; prayer; space for personal reflection and application, with a one word focus; and a practical suggestion to follow.  It is incredible how much Bonnie packs in - it certainly seems like much more than 40 days' worth.

The more I read, the more I find in others' hearts the desperate need to know they are beloved. Whispers of Rest offers ways of doing this.
So...I don't need to say more. There would be too many words to write: each page is filled with wisdom and encouragement, an invitation to linger and listen to the still small voice inside our hearts...
Words to help us just SHINE... as God's beloved.

Practical and poetic. 

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