Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Nearly halfwaythrough

Nearly halfway through the #whispersofrest challenge from Bonnie Gray's forthcoming book. 21 days of a different reflective activity a day.

It has been surprisingly calming and restoring. From just 'breathe' (day 1) to 'encourage', the words have been both self-directed and other-directed, while always the focus is on God.

Breathe in His Spirit
Appreciate someone
Write a word of meaning from a Psalm
Say 'Yes' to time with God
Journal for ten minutes...or twenty...or perhaps thirty
Let go and live loved - my answer of what I let go too personal to put here
Pause and see... beauty. a sunrise. Goldfinches on the bird table
Encourage a friend. Or even a not-friend. Or even an 'enemy'.

Words to remember and live by, to interpret according to a season, a situation, a supplication.
Words of calm.

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