Saturday, 5 November 2011

Out of heaviness comes grace...

My heart has been over-burdened and heavy recently. Stress has built up in my mind and body, so that I have had little energy for blogging.

But grace has been present in my life. I have listened to Louie Giglio talk about grace; I have read wonderful accounts of grace-filled, loving lives; and I have experienced grace extended to me through the kindness of friends and strangers.

So when Sarah Markley said this, I was inspired:

' If we wore peace, we might desire the quiet and not distractions.
If we wore grace, we might want to forgive others for their grave missteps.
If we put on goodness might we desire the successes of others?
And if we wore love, do you think we might crave Jesus in a way that we never have?
Peace and grace and love are far more difficult than zipping up a play dress and sitting down to lunch, but maybe clothing ourselves in these grown-up, mature things can be a way to see our hearts and minds changed in the direction of Him.
What do you “wear?” What do you want to “wear?” '
I realised this week that I am in desperate need of a change of clothes...

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