Wednesday, 19 October 2011

"I write to discover what it is I really think."

This is what Bonnie over at Faith Barista has written.  I've been really short of energy and time the last few weeks, so shall repost her thoughts here: 

"I love to write.

It’s not because I like to hear myself talk.
I write to discover what it is I really think.
For better or worse, I’ve learned to filter my words before I speak.
It’s a good thing — the practice of seasoning our words with grace to others.
It’s self-control.
But, there’s a line between being wise with our words and hiding behind them –
because we’re afraid to express our true feelings.
because we struggle with being needy.
because we don’t want others to think we are needy.
So, we filter our conversations, but we’re left with the emotional and spiritual grinds in our soul.
This is why I write.
I write to keep it real.
I write to shake out soul grinds in front of God, one sentence at a time.
Somewhere between the first word I write and last word I end with, my voice emerges and so does God’s.
I hear my true voice –
The girl that laughs loud and isn’t shy about being happy.
The woman who thinks things through too much and feels them deeply.
The poet who sees art in everyday life and wax sentimental.
The child who is never short on questions and always looking for re-assurances as much as friendship.
Writing Becomes a Prayer
Everyday, a different part of our soul emerges as the day brings us through different experiences.  We encounter a conversation, a book, a song.
If we dare to give ourselves the space to let our soul speak through words, we can encounter God.
Writing becomes a prayer.
We allow ourselves to be vulnerable.
Writing becomes a soul conversation.
Dare To Have a Soul Conversation
If you enjoy this self-discovery that inevitably leads to God-discovery, I want to encourage you to have an unfiltered soul conversation.
Take some time write a journal entry.
It can be any piece of paper.
It can be on your computer.
It doesn’t matter if you just write this one time.
Share what’s on your heart.
Write a letter to yourself.
Write a letter to God.
Whatever you do, write honestly and keep it real..." 

I really like this.  In fact, I love this whole post.  It's nice when folk read my blog and comment, but it is in the writing and thinking thoughts into being and coherency and sense that is important.  Thank you, Bonnie!

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