Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Everyday things...

Oh, I'm obsessed with small things recently.  Everywhere I look, God is telling me that the small things that I do actually make him happy.  I don't have to do anything big, or obviously 'worth it', or evidently life-changing. Just the small things he gives me to do.
(I don't like to admit this, but I still have a hard time believing him. Or maybe I do, but lies come in and steal this BIG truth in sneaky little bits. Anyway.)
In a recent post, Deidra says: "... have (you) ever wondered if a prayer offered up by ordinary people on an ordinary day with everyday ordinary words can ever really have an impact. Maybe you wonder if your prayer follows the right formula to ever make it past the ceiling. Maybe you think God can't possibly do anything with the words you whisper. Maybe you've stopped praying because you haven't ever heard God answer you...
(but those moments when we suddenly think of someone) ...are invitations. Sent directly from heaven with your name on the envelope. Imagine that! No fancy words required. No special formula. No expensive degree. Just you. Just as you are. God's invitation to whisper or shout or mumble words of prayer."
These are small things. A sudden thought. A few words. Perhaps a small action of love. 
HUGE things in God's economy.

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