Sunday, 19 June 2011


One of the significant themes at Sheila's thanksgiving, which has recurred a lot recently, if that of gently loving others into God's kingdom.  I like Ed's comment:
I don’t have to live in fear of his judgment because God is committed to the process of redemption.
I don’t have to worry about rules and regulations because his Spirit is able to guide and convict.
I don’t have to fear the rejection of others because I’m already accepted into God’s family.
There were glimpses and tastes of God’s grace, acceptance, and joy in my early days as a Christian. Even as the rules were piled on, a loving God continued to reach out to me.
I have learned that I don’t have to carry my pain around anymore. Because when you carry around pain, that’s all you have to give others. God’s love can heal our pain and erase our fears.
When we carry God’s love, we have a gift worth sharing.

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