Sunday, 21 February 2010

Little bits of encouragement

Richard and I spent all day at church yesterday, receiving - renewing - training in prayer ministry. It was a lovely day, very encouraging, although I don't know when we'll really use it all much in church. We have prayer ministry after services, but it doesn't engage much of the congregation. Still, 'pray-ers' wait faithfully for 'pray-ees' after every service and we pray that one day more of our church family will discover this wonderful way in which God can speak powerfully into their lives.

So, I managed to feel encouraged and discouraged all at once. It almost gave me a stomach ache.

But then I came across this blog entry by Layla of TheLetterCottage, quoted by Lysa Terkeust. All about a random act of kindness which was such a huge encouragement to her: "a great reminder that giving, and adding value to the lives of others is one of our deepest and truest purposes in life...we have found that the more positively we think and act, the easier is it to deal with life's wild pitches. Why? Because true peace and happiness can be found in providing peace and happiness to others."

And just now I have received an email from a dear friend with glad news: not only that they hope to visit us soon (SOOO exciting!) but also that they have started a church in a 'wasteland'. It's going well. How cool!

Now, that is definitely what I call encouragement.

Where are the smileys to add on here?

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