Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A mother's hope: Oh, could it be true?

This wonderful, unbelievable news
of a babe, as yet unstirring,
nestled in her barren womb:
Oh, could it be true?

Could she be a Sarah,
bearing an Isaac in old age?
Or childless Rebekah,
pregnant through her husband's prayers?
Oh, could it be true?

Would she be like Manoah's wife,
bearing another Samson,
leading Israel,
turning many back to God?
Oh, could it be true?

Would she, like Hannah,
give  birth to another Samuel
after many years of weeping?
Oh, could it be true?

Elizabeth paused, remembered.
She remembered God's faithfulness throughout the generations.
She remembered God.
She believed. And rejoiced.
No longer ashamed. No longer disgraced.

Yes, it would be true.

Luke 1:24 - 25

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