Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Christmas Stories - heartwarming tales of angels, a manger and the birth of hope: by Max Lucado

I was thrilled to receive this collection of Max Lucado's writings through Booksneeze - for free, but Max lucado's books are ALWAYS worth purchasing. This one is no exception. It makes for charming Christmas reading - at any time of the year. Because `Christmas commemorates God's most uncommon decision to come commonly'. (Think about it.)

Max Lucado unpacks the extraordinary events which happened to ordinary people. A peasant girl. A carpenter. Shepherds. And to the slightly far out - the astrologers. A fresh look, a new retelling - this book helps us see a familiar, a `common' story, through opened eyes.

There is the story of the candlemaker visited by an angel with an uncommon gift.  The man who believed that one of his neighbours was the Messiah - and started treating them as if they were. The account of a baby, borrowed from a manger scene, which brought restoration and hope to a family. The wayward daughter, the faithful father who brought his daughter home with love. The carpenter who wanted to give a gift to God - so he did. An angel's reflections on an incredible mission. Poetic retellings of a timeless story: allegories and reflections on the marvellous gift of Jesus.  Snippets and snatches from Max Lucado's wonderful books which made me smile and cry and gaze thoughtfully into a space inhabited by angels and people and God's love.

Max Lucado does not disappoint - except that many of the excerpts which make up this collection are tantalising tastes of a feast to be found in many of his other books.

Don't pack this book away with the ornaments. Keep it by your bed. Let it call to you whenever your soul needs a little extra feeding.

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