Tuesday, 8 May 2012

'Only' me, little me...

I've been pondering the idea of 'only' for quite a while now. (I'm not finished yet.) I look at the wonderful online ministries all over the world, or friends who have a wide influence, or even women I know close to home who seem to do marvellous and BIG things for God's kingdom.
Then there's me. Just me.
I've been tempted to look at what I DON'T have or do.

So I was interested to read that Courtney, of Women Living Well (with whom I'm linking today) has wondered about the difference she can make with only two children. Two doesn't seem enough to her. Yet many women have no children at all. Many women, unlike her (she has a large online ministry), like me, have only tiny spheres of influence.

I appreciate Courtney's honesty and her insights. We all tend, as she does, to look at our 'lack'. We crave lots of friendships, as Ayla shared recently. We crave importance. We crave a sense of worth, of purpose.

Sharing this with a friend yesterday - a brand new, scarcely known friend, but a friend where we connected instantly - she reminded me that God is pleased with me for standing just where I am.
Because I WAS 'standing' - in a small church, as a lone Christian in my workplace - because I WAS there, God could use me.
It hadn't felt like that.
I need to remember the words of John Newton:

'A Christian is not of hasty growth, like a mushroom, but rather like the OAK, the progress of which is hardly perceptible, but which in time becomes a great deep rooted tree.'
I need to keep patience, trusting that God will do what He will do because I am standing. Like the man with the withered hand: He (Jesus) went into their synagogue, and a man with a shriveled hand was there... Then he said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” So he stretched it out and it was completely restored, just as sound as the other. (Matthew 12: 9 -10, 13, NIV)
The man with the crippled hand just stood there: all he did was do what Jesus told him.

So now, in the space of a few days, I have been reminded that:
I may feel small and insignificant, but I am standing where I am. God can use me.
I have 'only' 2 children - but they are already doing great things in obedience to God.
And I am thankful for many good friendships, but the best of all is the one who 'sticks closer than a brother' (or sister).

Oh, just one more thing. I'm not sure I'll be saying to anyone on the phone or when I drop in on someone that it's 'only me'. Mae Mobley was told in 'The Help' (read the book, see the movie): 'You is kind. You is smart. YOU IS IMPORTANT'.
Yes, we are indeed.

(Click on the links for better and deeper explanations from Courtney and Ayla on this idea. I'm thankful that I read their wisdom and can share it here.)

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