Monday, 16 April 2012


You know, the topic of mistakes, and failure, and sin has been so much on my mind recently that I was convinced I had posted about it.
Don't THINK I did. Perhaps it was just a conversation with a friend. Actually, thinking about it, it was just a conversation with myself.  It went like this:
"You're always making mistakes, messing up. You can't open your mouth without putting your foot in it."
"Yes, you're just not perfect (aka 'good enough')."
And then it hit me.
I don't really believe that I'm not perfect all ready. I say all the right things about 'not aiming for perfection', quote all the right Bible verses about being a work in progress, not yet perfect etc...yet my actions and attitudes demonstrate that I DON'T BELIEVE IT.
I believe I am right = perfect.
Because when I make a mistake - mainly through thoughtlessness, sometimes through over-enthusiasm, occasionally laziness - I beat myself up about it. I find it easy to ask for forgiveness from others but well-nigh impossible to extend grace to myself.
I've been wondering about the connection between 'mistakes' and 'sin'.  Does one ever equal the other?  When I make a mistake, should I 'have known better'?
Friends - a wonderfully gracious couple - said this.Their attitude is that, if they have acted 'in good faith', not intending to hurt or upset anyone, have asked forgiveness, made amends and sought reconciliation as far as possible, then they leave the consequences with God and move on.
End of story.
So I realise I need to ACT.
Accept myself.
Consider I am NOT perfect
Trust I am better than I was and will be more so in the future, by the grace of God.

That doesn't sound too hard, does it?

For more inspiration on imperfect parenting - yes, that is where most of mistakes come from and I am still learning how to be a parent when my 'children' are 24 year old adults - look at this and this.

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