Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Celebratory Tea...

Eleven weeks ago - 11 weeks! - I started an online Bible study of Ephesians.  I asked the 'girls' who come to my house for breakfast once a month if they'd like to join, too. I set up a facebook group for us to post to every day. We started.

It has been brilliant. Not only have we encouraged each other - just knowing that someone else is studying at the same time is motivation enough - but there have been regular blog posts and reflections from Good Morning Girls.  Inspirational to share insights with other women all over the world, too. Now we are nearly finished.  I look back at my comments and realise what a wonderful method of study the SOAP idea is: Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. So easy. After Easter, when we have finished completely, I hope to go back and crystallize what I have learnt.

And then start over some.

In the meantime, we celebrated with afternoon tea:
Sarah, Tess and Rose: afternoon tea at The Farmhouse in beautiful spring sunshine. We sat for hours...
Such a great tradition, to 'finish' something with celebratory food. We thought we'd do a much shorter book next time - Jude, perhaps...!

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