Friday, 23 December 2011

Thankfulness at Christmas

I'm not often reduced to tears when I read blog posts, but I was recently. I was in my kitchen, cooking up Christmas goodies with a heavy heart. My daughter was not here to share: our Christmases have been filled with kitchen joy together for 23 years, until now when she is living half a world away. The emptiness of the kitchen further mocked me when her best friend, my 'other' daughter, came by on a brief visit back home - when I was out, so I didn't see her; and my husband is still not back at work after illness; I have not been able to count my blessings.
So I loved this honest post. I loved that Leanne shared 'uncomfortable' feelings of sadness. It is even painful to know what a wonderful gift we have been given in Jesus and yet feel sorrow at the same time: not just a personal sorrow, but a sorrow for the cruelty that awaited that baby thirty-three years later on the cross.
And so I WILL be thankful: for the gift of Jesus; for family - a loving husband and son; and for much better health for my husband.
Thank you, Leanne, for the support and the reminder.

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