Monday, 26 December 2011

Prayers on Christmas eve...

We sing
But many have no voice.
Give hope to the poor, the dispossessed, to those whose future seems bleak.
Protect and strengthen those who suffer hardship and persecution because they believe in and follow you.

We listen
But many do not hear the Christmas message.
We ask that unbelieving hearts be touched by this most wondrous story.

We see Your star
But often do not notice you in our fellow men.
Open our eyes to take every opportunity to serve others because when we do that, we serve YOU.

We feast and celebrate
But many have no means to do so.
Spur us on to share our riches with those in poverty, just as you shared yourself with us. May the lonely be truly comforted, the sick given hope and the bereaved consoled in ways that do not rest upon men alone.

We pray for ourselves.
May we be renewed in spirit and in purpose. May the story of your birth stay continually in our heart and lives. We pray these things in the wonderful name of Jesus. Amen.

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