Sunday, 29 May 2011

Purify my heart...

Leading prayers at church this evening, I always worry that I will not 'do it properly'.  I don't like to pray specifically for world disasters; nor for other churches; nor even for the sick and bereaved in our own community. I am afraid, sometimes, to name them for fear of forgetting someone important or upsetting someone else if I omit their loved ones.

Today, I jotted a few notes. I focused on the work of Compassion, and on renewing hearts to love God and serve his people.

I prayed, and choked up, touched by the plight of millions of children all over the world. I almost couldn't carry on.

And then, all I could think of was God's people, sitting in churches, hearing His Word. I so desperately wanted them to respond.

Brian Doerksen's song Refiner's Fire sums it up so beautifully:


  1. I know what you mean about hesitating to pray specifically for fear of overlooking or upsetting someone. Praying about renewing hearts to love God and serve his people sounds like a wonderful solution!

    Thanks for mentioning "Refiner's Fire." Our praise team led us in that very song this morning!

  2. Thanks,Melissa - this was such a random, somewhat incoherent thought. I serve in a traditional Anglican church and usually worry too much about the outward 'form' of the prayers. This time I just prayed for the Holy Spirit to speak,without being overly concerned about the format or what I 'should' include.
    It feels a bit stupid to say this, because prayers should ALWAYS be Holy Spirit inspired!