Wednesday, 5 August 2009


What has God been saying to me recently?

Well, I took copious notes during every talk or ministry opportunity at New Wine last week. I jotted down stuff from conversations. I noted anything that seemed to stand out.

This is what I found – I think. For now, anyway.

I was reminded again that God wants ALL of me. Not just a few minutes in the morning, or on a Sunday at church, but all of me all the time. My waking, my sleeping, my eating, my breathing. My reading, my writing, my tears, my laughter.

All of me, all the time.

So many aphorisms come to mind. Life isn’t a waiting room. Figure out what God is doing, then join in – enthusiastically. There is no waste in God’s kingdom.

But one in particular: the God’s kingdom is like a pearl of great price. Everything is worth giving up to get it. EVERYTHING.

That will do for now.

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