Sunday, 9 October 2016

Unlocking Growth

Inspirational speaking this weekend from Michael Harvey @unlockinggrowth. I think I may have misused Twitter in 'tweeting' his words of wisdom and tagging him in them! I ran out of notebook paper so used Twitter instead, but realised after that then it looked as if Michael's words were mine... ho hum, I only have 3 Twitter followers, and two of those are corporates who don't really 'follow' me anyway...

So thought I'd collect all my jottings here:

All the good stuff is on the other side of fear.

It is only in doubt that you can start to have faith.

'Faith that counts is not the absence of doubt but the presence of action.'

Step forward into growth or step back into safety. @UnlockingGrowth 'A dead fish cannot swim' @NairobiChapel 1998

Fear and faith both believe that something that hasn't happened is about to happen. 

Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.

What beliefs do we continue to harbour unconsciously that run our lives? 

Success is when we step out regardless of the outcome. Success is one person inviting another person. Success is the prompted invitation of God where the RESULT lies with him.
"Well done good and successful faithful servant."

"If you lower your expectations until they're already met, you'll never be disappointed."


Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.

Feel afraid but don't BE afraid. Fear should not be managed but peered into, examined to see what GOD is saying or doing.  God doesn't take fear away but manages it with his present.  


Instead, we need to know who we are: children beloved of God. Our identity lies in him.
Identity leads to action and feelings then result.  If we act on our feelings, then what happens as a result affects our identity.

Violation of our dignity has the same painful effect in the brain as a physical injury: the responses are identical.  (Research from Matthew Lieberman, professor of cognitive psychology in California.) The body remembers what the mind tries to forget. BUT Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted. 

And he referenced my favourite TED talk: Brene Brown's 'The Power of Vulnerability'.

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