Monday, 8 June 2015

Biblical Literacy

Just come across a brilliant website resource - Biblical Literacy.  Here is just one of the resources: looking at JB Phillips' book Your God is Too Small in our modern world.

"...the basic ideas that are worthy of greater reflection and contemplation. They set forward God as great and grand, a God who is not simply a port where we hide in a storm, but a God who teaches us how to endure the storms around us with confidence and joy in his ability to quell those storms in his good time."

  • "As a man, God showed himself in ways we would never see otherwise. God (Jesus) was not a super-mystic holy man who seemed ethereal and otherworldly. Nor was Jesus the same run-of-the-mill person we find on the street. He was a real man, but one of truth, goodness, and beauty (not beauty of appearance, but of character). Jesus exhibited the actions that correspond to those traits: 
  •  He challenged the current values of those around him. 
  • He probed for people’s motives over simple focus on their actions. 
  • He insisted on real human values in the ways we treat each other. 
  • He endorsed the search for truth. 
  • He endorsed a love for all people. 
  • He suffered conflict with stale and false religion. 
  • He called people to God

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