Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Reflections after New Wine

New Wine Guernsey just happened at the weekend: a weekend of remarkable teaching from Ian Coffey entitled Postcards from the Edge: finding God in difficult places, which looked at fear, loss, imprisonment, inadequacy and doubt in the lives of Paul, Ruth, Peter, Jeremiah and John the Baptist.

Thought-provoking and encouraging.

Ian's wife Ruth led a seminar on, more or less, spiritual discipline. Encouraging us to recognise who we are, where we are and how we are growing with God.

One of the people she mentioned was Paul Mallard, who has written a useful book entitled 'Staying Fresh'. A quick glance at the contents page and I am already encouraged:

1 When love turns cold
2 Knowing that we are loved
3 Rejoice in the Lord
4 Counting the cost
5 Fear God, not people
6 Take time to be holy
7 Take more time to be holy
8 Guard your marriage
9 Build godly relationships
10 Preach the gospel to your own heart
11 Use your diary as a spiritual tool
12 Remember you are human
13 Be a good steward of pain
14 Keep an eye on the prize

All kinds of wisdom there.

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