Monday, 10 February 2014

This I know...

I know there is more to life than the eating and drinking, the everyday living.
More than the friends and the family and the ‘whatever I fancy’.

I know there is hunger for deeper reflection and ultimate connection.
For knowing and purpose and certain direction.

I know that religion just means belief in something/Someone superhuman:
too big for me to understand, imagine or even remotely adequately explain.

I know Jesus the man was a definite person who lived and died.
Roman history tells us so: religion does not mean imagination.
Jesus is real.

I believe Jesus when he said (and still says) there is more to come, better to come.
I believe him when he tells me how to live for a better life, a happier life.

So I try to live according to his words in the Book. I so often, often, fail to do so well.
Yet they are still the benchmark, the yardarm, the starting and the ending point.

The Word in The Words.

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