Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Purpose Driven

We have begun Rick Warren's 'What on earth am I here for?' (The Purpose Driven Life).
Trying to draw out some nuggets...

Day One: It all starts with God...but...

Day Two: I am not an accident. God purposed for me to be born where I was, how I was, what I was like...and although I often think of how God has blessed me and how things could have been.. 'there but for the grace of God go I...' yet I AM here, in the body he has given me and the circumstances and relationships in which he has placed me.
It is hard to get my head around this huge-beyond-reason-and-understanding-mighty-God who is so intentional about every tiny bit of his universe, where even the hairs on my head have been counted by him.
I can't. I can't understand it/him but I CAN accept and live my like in the knowledge that he has planned me for his good purposes. I just need to find out what they are...

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