Sunday, 11 September 2011

Life breaks

Great post over at (in)courage on Life Breaks: Bella says:

"Life breaks.
Life wounds.
This world swirls with tragedy that can pull us down, bend our human bodies, and break our spirits.
And still, through it all, God stands.
He stands willing to take all of the brokenness and raise it into something beautiful.
He stands willing to take back the sinner, to hold the brokenhearted, to comfort the lost with words of love.
He stands strong for us when we are weak.
He saves from the flood.
He saves from the fire.
He saves, because he loves.
In this world we will always be hurt. We will confront cruelty and injustice. We will be beaten down by circumstance and by pain.
The world is designed to injure.
So we look to the heavens for comfort.
And He is there, always.
He has not promised that life will never hold deep and bitter things. He has not promised us that loss won’t touch us, or that we won’t become lost.
What he has promised is that in all things, and in all circumstances, He will never leave us.

So we fear.
And we worry.
And we wait out the storm.

Because we are human.

And He watches,
and waits,
and saves.
Because He is God.
Life breaks.
But as long as we hold tight to Him, we never will."
Life breaks. BUT GOD MENDS.

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