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Anne Graham Lotz: My Heart's Cry

I love this book. It is such an encouragement to me as I strive to live for Christ. So often, the busyness of life takes over and we can find it hard to focus on God. Billy Graham’s daughter Anne, in just a dozen chapters, provides practical inspiration to help us centre on Jesus and the life he has for us.

A mix of encouraging stories and Biblically-based reflections help us to want, as Anne does, simply more of Jesus. I particularly love the way she presents ideas almost poetically, deliberately choosing to set them out in a way that is not only easy to understand but makes them easy to remember.

Here are a few: I just love the pattern, rhythm and repetition - poetry!

 if my praise is interrupted by
                my circumstances or my complaints
                                my selfishness or my suffering
                                                my desires or my depression
                                                                my indifference or my insistence
                                                                                or by anything at all...
the light will grow dim in my life as I sink into the mire of self, and instead of causing others to praise Him, I will draw them down into the darkness with me.

who is seeking to meet Jesus because of what He has done for me?
When have I told someone about how he raised me from spiritual death?
When have I told someone about how He forgave my sin and removed my guilt?
When have I told someone about the disease He healed, or the prayer He answered, or the blessing He gave, or the promise He fulfilled?

No means of measure can difine his limitless love...
No farseeing telescope can bring into visibility the coastline of his shore-less supply...
No barrier can hinder him from pourikng out his blessings...

He forgives and he forgets.
                He creates and he cleanses
                                He restores and he rebuilds
                                                He heals and he helps,
                                                                He reconciles and he redeems,
                                                                                He comforts and he carries,
                                                                                                He lifts and he loves.

He is the God of the second chance,
                the fat chance,
                                the slim chance,
                                                the no chance...

he discharges debtors,
he delivers the captives,
he defends the feeble,
he blesses the young,
he serves the unfortunate,
he regards the aged,
he rewards the diligent,
he beautifies the meek.

He guards the young.
He seeks the stray.
He finds the lost.
He guides the faithful.
He rights the wronged.
He avenges the abused.
He defends the weak.
He comforts the oppressed.
He welcomes the prodigal.
He heals the sick.
He cleanses the dirty.
He beautifies the barren.
He restores the failure.
He mends the broken.
He blesses the poor.
He fills the empty.
He clothes the naked.
He satisfies the hungry.
He elevates the humble.
He forgives the sinner.
He raises the dead!

He supplies strength to the weary.
                He increases the power to the faint.
                                He offers escape to the tempted.
                                                He sympathises  with the hurting.
                                                                He saves the hopeless.
                                                                                He shields the helpless.
                                                                                                He sustains the homeless.

He gives purpose to the aimless,
                reason to the meaningless,
                                fulfilment to the emptiness,
light in the darkness,
comfort in the loneliness,
fruit in the barrenness,
future to the hopeless,
life to the lifeless!

In considering different aspects of Jesus’s life and character, Anne shows how we can become more like him. There can’t be anything better than that!

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