Tuesday, 24 November 2009


For the first time for months, I took the dog out just after 6 this morning. (I've not been lazy, particularly, but have had a dodgy knee which has been very painful. Turns out it's osteoarthritis, but that's another story...).
It was dark. Pitch dark, so we walked along in almost total darkness.
Every so often I'd flick my torch on, but we know the way so well that I didn't need to.
Is my walk with Jesus as trusting? Don't I demand a torch of knowledge and wisdom to see by? Why isn't it just enough to walk so closely with him that we touch?
Every so often, a car would come by. Most cars dipped their lights, so I could still see, but some didn't. The headlights were blinding, wiping out everything else. Then, once past, it was momentarily SO dark that I couldn't see anything.
So even with the light I was blinded, and consequently even more so without it.
But God's light isn't like that.
God's light is gentle and helpful.
God's light is also so awesomely bright, that it is ALL we see - without being dazzled. We see Jesus in all his glory. We can see our world as well- our beautiful, God'created world - but our focus is on Jesus.
There will come a day when Jesus is all we see. His kingdom will come.
But it will also come, in a fainter way, now.
Today, I want to be dazzled by Jesus.

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